CyanogenMod 7 Hits 500k Downloads

This is yet another reason to love our Android Community. Today, after the Cyanogen team reviewed some stats we became aware of some very exciting news: CyanogenMod7 has just reached 500,000 downloads. Cyanogen has been the leading way of getting the latest version of Android onto your device that seems to be forgotten by the almighty carriers, and now the latest version has hit a pretty incredible milestone.

CyanogenMod is currently available for 40 devices, and others are supported by alphas and betas of the rom. CyanogenMod is an AOSP rom, meaning it is built from the ground up without things like manufacturer skins and customizations. This is another reason it has been so popular, because those looking to get rid of bloatware and skins can be set free with CM7. The community has always been very supportive of the rom and all the coders, and this is just a point where we can all sit back and say “Wow, I love CyanogenMod.” . Of course, this success is all thanks to  the faithful people who work day and night to keep our phones running the way they should out of the box. Cyanogen, we applaud you.

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