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Complain App Helps Twitter Users Get Their Point Across

One of the main thing companies have to deal with, but usually don’t get to, is complaints. In this day and age, if you don’t like something you experienced at a restaurant, store, or wherever you may be, the most you can do is tell the person at the local store. Of course you can contact management, call the HQ, and other time-consuming tasks, but a lot of times those take so much work you would rather just deal with the problem and get over it. But what if you don’t want to get over it? What if you want your needs as a consumer to be met?

Complain App is a way to let your voice be heard. Complain App is an app that is based 100% on complaining to companies through social networks. Because companies usually have a Twitter and Facebook, and monitor these networks carefully, one of the best ways to speak out is to use them. Complain app finds a companies Twitter (or Facebook) account and helps you put together a complaint that will be sent to the company. A lot of times companies won’t be able to get to every tweet, but what if one tweet keeps flooding their mentions? Complain App’s home screen in the app is a stream of other users that are complaining. With one click you can retweet a complaint to the company. This way, if there is a serious issue with, let’s say, the meat at Taco Bell, and you put a complaint together that sums up the problem you and others are having, everyone who sees and agrees with you can retweet that complaint. If a company sees how much traction a specific complaint is getting, they can’t ignore it. At this point you develop a combined voice with Twitter users that get your needs met.

Complain App’s goal is simple, and executed well. If you have a good idea or complaint that relates with others, you may just get your point across using Complain App. Complain App is available in the Android Market for free, and if you feel like complaining, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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