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Cast Your Spells Tonight With These Harry Potter Apps

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 opens tonight in movie theaters everywhere.  The latest installment of the Harry Potter movie saga is based on the last “final” Harry Potter book written by JK Rowling.  So while your standing in line with your best Harry Potter garb on and awaiting the midnight screening like a 1980’s school girl waiting to see Van Halen, you may want to make sure these Harry Potter apps are you your phone.

Let’s start off with wallpaper.  Every Harry Potter fan needs a good Harry Potter wallpaper app. For that you may want to check out Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows wallpaper app by Inglorious Desi.  According to reviews, this app has some of the better Harry Potter pictures in high quality for wall paper.  The app allows you to go through the available pics with a finger swipe, and instantly pick one for wallpaper. It also has fit-to-screen pictures that won’t skew and look great on any size screen.  This app is Free and available here
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Now you have to be prepared for others who will try and steal your coveted spot in line at your local stadium seating multiplex. If you make it through the line ok you still may have to battle your way to the front of the concession stand or to the butter machine for your popcorn.  You know your safe only if you make it to your seat on time, and then you’ll need to help defend Hogwart’s from Voldemort. That something is the Harry Potter Magic Wand.

The Harry Potter Magic Wand works in a very similar fashion to light saber apps available for Star Wars fans. You can choose from 6 different wands. Choose the want you want from Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Lupin or Voldemort.  The Harry Potter wand app uses the gyroscope and proximity sensor to move the wand along with your hand. The latest version includes sound support as well.  The Harry Potter Wand allows you to duel with friends and has different wand strike sounds

Now for your viewing/using enjoyment we actually tried out three wand apps in the office and this one is by far the best. Some of the other apps simply do a light up magic wand, which is cool but this one allows you to duel and if you’re moving your hands in the correct motions against a buddy of yours than you can have a virtual duel. So make sure no one takes your spot, your popcorn or talks too much during the movie by downloading this free Harry Potter Wand to your phone.  For this app you’re looking for “Harry Potter’s Wand” by Xig Xag Interactive.  To make it real easy just click right here!

OK so here’s the scenario, the past few times your kid has gone to see Harry Potter with their buddy. The other moms or dads drove, and for whatever reason  you are the one with carpool duty tonight. WELL STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND DOWNLOAD, the Complete Idiot’s Guide To Harry Potter. What’s Hogwarts, who’s Hermoine, what on earth is a Voldemort, why is my kid so weird, it’s all found in this wonderful app by the fine people at the Complete Idiot’s Guide.  The Complete Idiot’s Guide breaks things down even moreso than “…For Dummies”

From the Android Market Description: JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels have captured the imagination of generations, young and old. Rowling’s creativity and attention to detail has truly made the witchcraft and wizardry world feel like a reality. With a language and geography unique to this legendary, seven book saga, this insightful resource, highlighting the secrets and important insider information, is a worthy and fun addition. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the World of Harry Potter is a handy reference for the HP novice or hardcore expert, as it can serve as a beginning tutorial or even a heady refresher. This exciting application is not a recap of the book, but a GUIDE covering everything from the Ministry of Magic to Draughts and Potions. Welcome to Hogwarts and the wonderful world of wizardry! The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the World of Harry Potter is a genuine mobile adaptation that can be read cover to cover, in sections, or by chapters of interest. Divided into five user-friendly sections that clarify wizardry terminology, explain unfamiliar wizardry terms, discuss how the story ties into mythology, folklore, and biblical myths, and give travel tips that guide the reader around the wizardry world. In a culture where fear and cynicism are too often abundant, Harry Potter provides a reminder that life is good and full of exciting possibilities. This app makes sure that you don’t miss a thing!

See what we mean? Download it now, save face, don’t embarrass your kid!

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