Casey Anthony Trial Spawns 6 Worthless Android Apps

As Nancy Grace referred to it, “The Tot Mom Trial” was the trial of the decade. It’s hard to believe but many of our readers are too young to actually remember the OJ trial.  Well Casey Anthony was found innocent of killing her two year old daughter Caylee Anthony by a jury of her peers back on July 5th.  On Sunday she was set free after finishing a sentence for lying to police.

One of the unique thing about the Android Market is that there isn’t much of a vetting process and apps get to the market a lot quicker.  This makes current event apps easy to produce.  This was no different for the Casey Anthony trial as 6 apps are in the market that use Casey Anthony in their descriptions.

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The first app is just some jailhouse conversations Casey Anthony had, it seems that this was downloaded and reproduced from news footage. Of course what current event, celebrity, band, villain, movie star, etc doesn’t get a soundboard. The Casey Anthony soundboard features some quotes from Anthony’s trial.

The next app available is the Casey Anthony verdict poll, all you do is say whether you agree or disagree with the verdict.

Sex Offenders Search probes the sex offender registry and helps you find sex offenders in your area. This is actually an app worth downloading, especially if you have kids.

The last app, Flowers For Caylee, is a memorial app that lets you place virtual flowers in a virtual field on your Android phone.  This has a nice sentiment. The developer has a “donation” version too to keep the app alive.

All in all these apps are pretty lame but it does show how fast people can develop apps for current events. Whether you think Casey Anthony is guilty or innocent, you can keep these souvenir apps on your Android phone, if you want too.

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