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Buy A Verizon Smartphone Get $50 Off A Connected Tablet Starts August 1st

Verizon Wireless is doing away with their free tablet activation promo at the start of next month, which is Monday.

Did you even know there was a free tablet activation promotion? Well whether you did or didn’t is irrelevant. Monday starts a new and exciting promotion at Verizon Wireless.  Buy any smartphone on a new two year agreement and get $50 off a connected tablet. Can we say the qualifier there again, connected tablet, so the iPad and Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab are out.

New customers, existing customers qualified for upgrades and employees are all eligible for the $50 promotion. You need a 2 year agreement on both new devices and of course you need to buy them both at the same time.  It is our understanding that this promotion can be combined with 2 year discounting on new smartphones.

So what will it be, a Droid X2 and a Motorola Xoom or a Samsung Droid Charge and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Or are you going to hold out til the end of the month and see if Samsung Galaxy S II comes out to compliment that shiny Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

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