Boost Mobile Adds Unlimited Calls To Mexico For Just $5 A Month

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s two premiere prepaid brands (Virgin Mobile is the other), announced on Thursday that they have added Mexico to their unlimited plan for just $5 extra per month.

Boost Mobile customers currently enjoy $50 per month unlimited nationwide calling on the first ever sliding scale.  Boost Mobile rewards their customers who make ontime payments consistently by lowering their bill. At the end of an 18 month cycle with all bills paid on time you would pay just $35 for unlimited, and then the additional $5 for calling Mexico.

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“Our customers have contacts all over the world and when they asked for more cities in Mexico, we listened,” said Andre Smith, vice president, Boost Mobile. “Including all of Mexico allows our customers to focus more on their unlimited conversations with friends and family and less on calling restrictions, extra fees or wireless contracts.”

The new calls to Mexico feature is part of Boost Mobile’s International Connect add on. In addition to calling all cities in Mexico including Mexico city, you get:

  • Unlimited calling to landlines in all cities in Mexico including Mexico City
  • Unlimited calling to Canada (excluding area code 867)
  • Unlimited international text messages worldwide from the U.S.
  • Unlimited international text messages from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (CDMA Series phones)
  • Unlimited walkie-talkie from the U.S., Canada and Baja California (Mexico) to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile (available with iDEN Series phones)

For a $10 International upgrade you get:

  • Everything included in International Connect
  • Unlimited Calling to landlines in more than 35 countries including Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia and more

This is apparently a limited time offer and will expire in August so if you’re going to go with Boost Mobile, you need to go now.

Source: Boost Mobile/Sprint

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