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Apple Revises Refund Policy For Taiwan, Google Still Holding Out

Back at the end of June we reported that Google was in a standoff with Taiwan’s government over app downloads.  In Taiwan there is a 7 day grace period for any virtual goods purchased over the internet where the customer doesn’t have the availability to “touch” it before purchase. This is a standing rule for any kind of downloads in Taiwan.

As you may recall a few months back Google changed their return policy on apps to 15 minutes, which is a far cry from the 7 days Taiwan is demanding.  Google made a statement saying that they are doing this to protect their developers from piracy.  This of course makes sense. Google decided instead of incurring more fines from Taiwan that they just pulled paid apps out of the market for Taiwan Android users.

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Apple was also in the same predicament with their app store however they have quietly moved to a 7 day refund window in order to continue to offer paid apps to Taiwan.

According to this report, Google is still waiting it out to see what they can come up with, with Taiwan’s government.  After this issue is resolved Taiwan is hoping to push Google and Apple into making app descriptions available in Chinese.


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