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App Spotlight: ZocDoc


Nobody likes being sick, and in my opinion, the worst part of the whole thing is having to get up and go to the doctor. No, your Android phone can’t heal you, but it can make going to the doctor a whole lot easier. Obviously if you’re not feeling well you probably aren’t jumping with excitement to call the doctor, talk about when you can come in, be put on hold, and research if your insurance even covers the appointment. ZocDoc Apps recently released their Android app “ZocDoc” to help you with this.

ZocDoc is an app that allows you to do many things that are a pain easily and quickly through their app. With ZocDoc, you can find a local doctor’s office, by location and by those compatible with your insurance, and schedule an appointment right from your phone. Once you enter your search criteria, things like the reason you’re going, what insurance company and plan you’re on, and what type of doctor you’re looking for, the application locates doctors in your area and lets you schedule appointments right from your phone. The user interface is clean and easy to use, and I haven’t experienced any crippling bugs or annoying force closes. The only problem that can arise depends on your location. If you aren’t near any doctors that take advantage of ZocDoc, then you ¬†have to call to book your appointment. However, the searches still work fantastic, so even if you can’t book an appointment with the app it’s still very handy to have. ZocDoc is available for free in the Android Market, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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