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App Spotlight: Emerg!Info The “Just In Case” App For Everyone With A Vehicle

Emerg!Info is the ultimate “just in case” app for anyone with a vehicle and lucky for us all, it’s free.  So what does Emerg!info do? Emerg!Info makes sure you have the info you need if you get in a car accident, get pulled over for DWI or even if you are worried that maybe you drank to much and shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

For DWI/DUI Incidents
While we definitely don’t condone drinking and driving every so often we know someone that maybe drank a little too much after that softball game or at that after work mixer.  Pulled over for DWI and don’t know what to do? Emerg!Info uses your GPS to help you find and call a local attorney and notify friends and family.  It also automatically kicks in a call recorder which you may need for court.

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Emerg!Info also includes the patented and trademarked Approxilizer blood alcohol calculator technology that will help you determine if you should even attempt to get behind the wheel.  Once you make that decision there is also a taxi finder so you can get home safely.


Designed by a former Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx, Emerg!Info has the tools you need in case you get into an accident.  It also provides a step by step guide of the things you need to get on camera, and recorded along with pre-populated forms that you will need for your insurance company and for court.

Whether you have a DWI run-in, a simple accident or a more serious car wreck, if you use Emerg!Info for assistance you can upload an incident record to their servers for preservation. Once uploaded you’ll receive a text message and an email with the information you added on the phone and saved for retrieval later.

Like we said, this is the “Just In Case” app for everyone who drives or rides in a car.

Download it here for free

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