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Angry Birds Developer Rovio Mobile Looking For Money Again?

Most everyone can use some extra dough, I mean how much money is too much right? Well it turns out today that Rovio Mobile, the creator of Angry Birds, may have perked a few ears and startled a couple investors during a panel session at Venture Beat’s MobileBeat/GamesBeat conference in San Francisco.

As you know Thedroidguy crew is on the ground in San Francisco with some of the great scoops coming out of this two day event.  During the discussion a question arose to the group looking to see who was currently raising money. When the question was asked Rovio Mobile’s Wibe Wageman quietly raised his hand. A started Rich Wong with Accel Partners, a Rovio investor, said “that’s news to me”.

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Rovio has had runaway success with their global smash hit Angry Birds.  After 50+ tries at mobile gaming they started to notice a hit was emerging late summer last year.  That hit has taken off on all platforms and spawned a partnership with the animated feature film RIO and a spin off game called Angry Birds Rio.

Rovio completed around of financing in March which yielded $42 million dollars, and evidently they are looking for more money.  The question is are they looking to build yet another holiday themed Angry Birds or could they have another game in mind?

Source: TDG On Location and Venturebeat

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