Android Takes A Big Bite Out of iPad’s Tablet Lead

Trusted research firm Strategy Analytics has just released their Q2 study on the tablet market.  According to their latest report Apple’s iPad still has a strong share of the tablet market with 61% however that is down from the 94% from the same quarter last year.

This was naturally a study of OS on tablet devices. Strategy Analytics pointed out that, while Android has seen significant gains there was no clearcut blockbuster this last quarter.  The Toshiba Thrive had not yet been released during Q2.  The Acer Iconia and Asus EEE pad Transformer were just beginning to ramp up towards the end of the quarter.  According to Strategy Analytics 4.6 million Android tablets were sold during the quarter from April to June. Apple reportedly sold 9.3 million iPads.

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Neil Mawston, Director of Stategy Analytics, said in this quarters report:

“Android captured 30 percent share of global tablet shipments in Q2 2011. Multiple Android models distributed across multiple countries by multiple brands such as Samsung, Acer, Asus, Motorola and others are driving volumes. However, no Android vendor yet offers a blockbuster model to rival the iPad, and demand for many Android vendors’ products remains patchy. If Amazon decides to enter the Android tablet category later this year, that will bring fresh excitement and buzz to the Android community, but Amazon will need to deliver a truly standout offering if it really wants to make headway against the popular iPad.”

HP’s WebOS based tablet the Touch Pad, just came out this month so it was not in this data set.  As far as RIM is concerned, their QNX running Blackberry Playbook saw 3.3% of the market share with only half a million units sold from April to June.  There was speculation last week that RIM was considering an end to the PlayBook project, a rumor that’s been refuted several times by the Waterloo based company.

Source: Thenextweb