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Android More Than Doubles iOS In Latest Mobile Mix Report

Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile ad network, released their Mobile Mix report today and as expected, Android still represents the largest audience on mobile ad network.  What we didn’t expect know to expect was that Android would be more than double that of iOS. (of course with 550,000 activations a day how could it not?)

In the latest Mobile Mix report Samsung improved 10% month over month. Also, the Samsung Nexus S more than doubled it’s impressions in June from the previous month. This shows that more developers are migrating to the Nexus S to insure that they are developing to the latest spec.  That’s become more and more evident at events where in the fall most apps were demoed on the Nexus One and in the late spring and early summer event season most apps were demoed on the Samsung Nexus S.

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HTC held onto the number four spot in Mobile Mix’s manufacturer rankings. Aside from Nokia, RIM and Apple, the rest of the top 10 was made up of OEM’s with Android Smartphones (Motorola, LG, Huawei, Sanyo and Sony Ericsson).  The HTC Thunderbolt made it’s debut on the network in the number 19 position. In fact 16 of the top 20 devices leaving impressions on Millennial’s network were Android.

Source: Millennial Media

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