Android Market Allows For Multiple APKs From Developers


Today the Android Market received a very necessary feature: developers can now upload multiple apks for an application. Before this update, developers who wanted to make an application that had a version for phones and tablets had to upload two completely separate applications. This can cause several problems for the consumer and the developer. The first being discovery. This is a problem for the developer because if someone downloads an application for their phone and don’t know about a separate tablet version, they could be drawn away from the app or the developer might not get the traction they need to keep both versions running. If someone can download an application for their phone and not realize there’s a tablet version, this can cause developers to lose an incentive for both platforms.

Of course, with this update to the Market developers won’t have to deal with discovery issues affecting sales, and it’ll be easier for users to find the apps they want. Developers will post one application with two apks and the Market will send the right version to your device, tablet or phone. This reduces clutter in the Market and makes it easier for users to search for apps as well. Google is doing a great job with regularly updating the Market for all devices, because like I’ve said before, apps are the life and blood of Android.