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Android Girl Check In: C0Z

Many of you remember Nicole Cozma or @c0z from her early days in the Android community on Twitter.  Well, some people have been asking about her as of late, so we thought we’d check it out and find out where our good friend c0z went off to.

After spending some time in the minor leagues in 2009 at Androidguys/gals Cozma went on to PhoneDog and KnowYourCell writing about Android stuffs.  You may have also seen her at CES or CTIA demoing and sharing Energizer products–and sometimes even handing a few out. She also had a hand in the Net Shelter Mobile Apps Showdown website for CES2011.

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Now Cozma is difficult to find because she’s hard at work in her lab figuring out how all things tech work for her new writing gig.  Cozma is a Blog Network Author for CNET, creating content for their newly opened How To section.  In my effort to catch you up on c0z’s work I actually found many of the how to’s very, very useful.  Check them out for yourself and if you like them, or find them helpful, use the twitter button on the CNET page to tweet it to your friends and neighbors.

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