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Android Devices Featured On Microsoft Backed Guild Season 5

Tech enthusiast Russell Holly and I got into it on Google+ a couple of weeks ago when the Big Android Barbecue contest to invite your favorite celebrity was launched. The argument was over Guild creator and star Felicia Day. Like, geek favorite Nathan Fillion, Day is a known Apple iPhone user. However it seems despite using an iPhone as at least one of her primary phones, as the Guild creator she is a fan of Android.

During the  Guild Season 5 premiere two Android devices were in the show. That’s a lot for a show that clocks in at less than 10 minutes (6:49 in this case).

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The first Android device we saw was clearly the white backed Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Guild character Tink uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab in the back of the TransVan on the way to a “gaming convention”.

Two seats down from her Clara whips out an unknown Android slider.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Felicia Day struck a distribution deal for her popular web series with Microsoft in November of 2008. The Microsoft deal took The Guild from a donation funded Youtube production to mass distribution across XBox Live, Microsoft Zune Marketplace, and in MSN Video.  Later, Bing was brought into the mix.

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