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Android 3.2 To Sort Of Solve App Resolution Problem With Honeycomb

TIMN by way of the Android developers blog is reporting today that a new feature called “Zoom” (with a Z) is headed to the next iteration of Honeycomb Android 3.2.

Let’s take a moment here to remind everyone if Android 3.2 is pushed out OTA to consumers before September 22, 2011 I will be making a donation to the charity of Joana Stern and Nilay Patel’s choice in regards to this bet

Now back to the story…

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By TIMN’s estimate there are 250-300 apps that are actually optimized for Honeycomb in the Android Market.  If you are looking at the Android Market on a Honeycomb Tablet the “Featured tablet Apps” tab is NOT the entire catalog of apps for tablets.  How do you find all the tablet apps, good question but that’s only the featured ones.  There’s no doubt that there is a problem getting developers to buy into Honeycomb. We were hoping that problem would have been addressed at I/O and it was a bit but not even close to the point where iOS is with tablet apps.

The new “Zoom” feature will allow you to use Android apps developed for smaller screens on Honeycomb tablets. Using Zoom, which will be available with Android 3.2, you will be able to decide if you want the app zoomed in or stretched out.  There will be some pixelation but not nearly as bad as what we are experiencing now.

At last count there were over 230,000 apps in the Android market which are optimized for Androids smaller phone screen devices.

Source: TIMN

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