And Then There Were 5 Million; Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy S 2’s In 85 Days

Samsung has sold 5 million Samsung Galaxy S II Android phones in the last 85 days.  This figure is said to be sales and not shipped devices. Samsung sold their first 3 million Samsung Galaxy S II’s in 55 days, so in the last 30 days they’ve sold 2 million more.

The best part of the explosive sales for Samsung is that the US has not even been brought online yet.  The US has a high adoption rate for smartphones and people have been crying out on the internet looking for the device.  The 5 million sales of this single device is a record for a single phone by Samsung.

Some believe that Samsung is trying to get the launch of the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II pushed to as late in the summer as possible to go head to head with rival Apple on the sales floor, just as they are in the courtroom.

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Samsung has said they expect to clear the 10 million mark in 7 months once it’s commercially available everywhere.  Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin, said earlier this month that they would have the Samsung Galaxy S II available in the United States in August.  There has been no official reason announced for the delay. Some believe it’s the carriers.

We’ve actually come to a new hypothesis.  The Samsung Galaxy S II was believed to be a 3G phone when announced at Mobile World Congress. FCC filings have shown that just like the Epic 4G, the Sprint version will also have a WiMax (4G) radio.  With all four carriers vying for 4G dollars we’ve come to the theory that the devices are being reworked with 4G radios in place.

We thought that Verizon Wireless may have backed this theory yesterday morning when they tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy SII would be 4G, however they quickly recanted.  We don’t think it was an accidental tweet, we are starting to think it was premature.

What do you think?

Source: Businessweek