Amazon Preparing To Sell 4 Million Tablets

It’s a good thing that the recent Retrevo study suggested that 55% of respondents would purchase a tablet made by Amazon.  According to Digitimes, Amazon has ordered enough parts to produce 4 million of their 7inch and 10inch tablets.

According to Digitimes Wintek, J Touch, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Nvidia, ILI Technology, Novatek Mircorlectronics, Capella Microsystems, Sitronix Technology, Richtek Technology, and Global Mixed Code Technology are all supplying Amazon with the parts they need for both models.

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All reports are pointing to a Q3 launch for the Amazon tablets which have been codenamed “Coyote” and “Hollywood”.  The Coyote tablet is expected to be a powerful dual core tablet while the Hollywood is expected to be a quad core beast of a tablet.  If the reports are true and parts for 4million tablets have been ordered, that would mean the only other tablet manufacturing planning on producing that much hardware is of course, Apple.

Although the tablets haven’t been officially announced, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been mum on the devices, we are confident that Amazon is preparing a huge splash into the market.   The Amazon tablets will run on the Android operating system which should make Google happy.  It’s also expected that Amazon’s own app store, book store and cloud based music service will have a prominent place on the Amazon tablets.

Amazon is the most trusted name in online retailing.  Millions of people are already accustomed to letting Amazon handled their transactions.  The Amazon tablet will compete with the iPad, not only in the tablet space but in the digital media transaction portion of the business as well.  Amazon sells all the same things you can purchase from the Apple iTunes store, and of course extras like coffee makers, shoes, purses, and car supplies.

Although the tablets were announced earlier in the year, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble had to make major concessions this week to Apple by removing the “Buy” button from their Kindle and Nook apps respectively.  The ability to purchase books directly within apps is now a violation of Apple’s revised app store policies.

The Amazon tablet will definitely be a game changer, are you going to pick one up?

source: SAI and digitimes

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