Alas An LG G2X Gingerbread Update Is Available

One of the most popular questions on our twitter feed is “When will my G2X get the Gingerbread update”. Well if you can handle a manual install it is ready now.  Our good friends at Pocketnow and Tmonews reported this morning that LG was very quick to respond to a lawsuit alleging that T-Mobile and LG were dragging their feet on a software update. That lawsuit kicked them into high gear and now a Gingerbread update is ready at LG’s website.

The update is massive (180mb) and requires a manual install. Also if you’re rooted, installing this Gingerbread update will reverse your root.  However if you can handle all that and don’t want to wait for an Over The Air (OTA) update you’re in luck.  You will need this LG Update Tool in order to proceed.  Also, like Samsung Kies used to be, Mac users are SOL for now because the LG Updater Tool only works with Windows machines.  We’re sure you can find a windows running buddy though if you want the update bad enough!

Source: Pocketnow and TmoNews

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