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Accessory Spotlight: Amzer’s Simple Case & Holster For HTC Evo 3D

Ok so it looks like the HTC Evo 3D is going to stick around for a while as the successor to the original HTC Evo 4G on Sprint. Of course we know that in addition to being a powerful 3D device, the HTC Evo 3D is 4G as well, it’s just that the HTC Evo 3D 4G sounds kind of silly.

If you’ve recently purchased an HTC Evo 3D from Sprint or Best Buy and you’re in the market for a case and holster at a good price you should definitely consider the Amzer Simple Case and Holster for the HTC Evo 3D.¬† It completely protects the back and sides of the Evo 3D while also giving a small space along the front should you drop your Evo 3D face first.

The Simple Case & Holser for the Evo 3D also provides a belt clip holster that makes it easy to get to your phone in a hurry, but provides the security you need to protect your phone.

It’s just $26.95 and can be purchased here

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