3 Businesses In Google+ For Business Beta… And That’s It For Now!

Google+ is the hottest thing on the planet right now when it comes to Google lovers and social networking.  Google has recently asked Google+ users to refrain from posting business, blog, and other non personal Google + pages in the mix of personal invites.  As a result we’ve listened and in fact I use my Google+ as personal and have changed it from Droid Guy to Kyle “Thedroidguy” S.

Phandroid founder, Rob Jackson, has also respected Google’s wishes. Despite the fact that Phandroid was the first Android website, has an enormous following and is to this day one of the top Android sites in the world, they listened… others not so much. People like AndroidCommunity.com, Androidpolice.com and Androidmixer.com have all decided they are above Google’s wishes and went ahead anyway.

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Well Google’s commerce and advertising departments have all spoken out to re-assure Google + users that they are working diligently to get Google+ pages for businesses and websites rolling.  They actually have a test running with MTV, Ford Tech and Mashable.

Google has also reached out to their hundreds of thousands of Google Apps users to let them know that they are going to integrate Google + with Google Apps, presumably all around the same time that they open up G+ to businesses.

Google Apps is an extremely important part of Google’s own business. According to Robert Whiteside, head of Google Enterprise in the UK, Google has 3,000 companies per day switching over to their cloud based services.  Thedroidguy.com is a Google Apps account.

“We have over 3,000 companies a day moving into the cloud…[and] the adoption of cloud is accelerating,”  Robert Whiteside said (source: PC World)

Google Apps has received a face lift, reportedly to coincide with the offering of Google+ for business and Google Apps users can take a look at the preview here.

Sure it sucks that we can’t just jump on Google+ with a business page just yet but I’m sure by waiting we will get a much better product that’s designed for the demands of businesses, blogs, journalists etc… so we wait

Source: Pocket-Lint

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  1. Yep.

    And frankly, Google is free to remove our business from G+ at any time – they have not yet chosen to do so (even though I imagine they will), and when they do, we’ll wait for them to open it back up to organizations.

    Thanks for calling us out, though, we always like free publicity.

  2. Since you explicitly named Android Police in your tweet: AP was on G+ before Google said they only wanted people for now, and businesses could come later.

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