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ZipCar Android App Ready For The World

Zipcar the car sharing service, has had a beta version of their Android app for nearly two months.  ZipCar is a service that allows you to use their vehicles and then return them to Zipcar designated spots throughout the cities that they service.

Zipcar uses GPS technology and the internet to “unlock” the car that you are going to use. It’s perfect for people who live in the city and prefer not to own a car.

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The Zipcar app helps make their technology mobile. The app provides access to your Zipcar account, and the location of the nearest Zipcar.  It allows the user to reserve a car via the mobile app and then use their phone to unlock the car, lock the car and honk the horn.

The Zipcar app allows non members to see the available vehicles in their area but non members must first sign up via their website on a computer before getting access to the full features of the app.

Zipcar started over 10 years ago in Cambridge Massachusettes and now has cities all over the country. The iPhone version of the Zipcar app came out in 2009.

source: Cnet

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