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XDA Gets Skype 2.0 With Video Working On More Androids In Less Than A Day

Thursday afternoon we reported that Skype just started offering Skype 2.0 for Android with free video chat for select phones.  Skype didn’t do an Android wide release with this version.  This was most likely because they had tested Skype 2.0 with certain hardware and insured that it would run best on that hardware.

The Samsung Nexus S was the only US phone that would run Skype 2.0, so of course someone had to do something about it.  Of course it was the trusted developers over at XDA that were able to get the job done.

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Once Skype 2.0 was released the developers at XDA led by pulser_g2, cracked the app open and found “an array containing” the supported devices.  From that point pulser_g2 and his crew quickly found the work around and got a modified version of Skype 2.0 working on the Samsung Galaxy S2.  Although not thoroughly tested the developer reported that the modified version would work on other devices as well.

Another XDA developer egzthunder1 was able to confirm later in the day that the modified version worked over 3G on the HTC Evo 4G. Our friends at Pocketnow are also reporting that the modified version works on the HTC Thunderbolt as well.

If you’re ready to try it out hop on over to the source link and remember only you are responsible for what you do to your Android device…

Source: XDA

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