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WYSE PocketCloud Named Best Mobile Cloud App For Android Tablets

The great folks at WYSE have been in the thin-client and terminal business for what seems like forever. I remember going into the library as a kid (way before the internet cafes libraries have become) and using a monochrome WYSE terminal to look up books.

In a private briefing with Thedroidguy in April WYSE  explained to us the evolution from remote terminals to remote desktop that the San Jose company has undergone in the last decade, bringing them to the forefront of remote data access and cloud based services.  To put it bluntly WYSE has been working in the cloud longer than even Google.

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That experience in doing things remotely, in the cloud, and allowing their users to access crucial data on the go, is why PC World has named Pocket Cloud the best mobile cloud app for Android Tablets.  PocketCloud also works on Android Phones as we use it here at Thedroidguy almost daily and always on the road.

PC world pitted PocketCloud against LogMeIn Ignition and PhonemyPC and declared “By far, Wyse PocketCloud Pro is the clear leader among these three Android VNC apps.”

PC World also went on to say that PocketCloud Pro was by far the most robust out of the remote desktop clients and the easiest to use.

In other remote desktop applications the user needs to figure out IP addresses and protocols before being set up.  PocketCloud uses Google integration to allow you to login to your existing Google account on the tablet and remote computer you want access to and from there creates the bridge or connection automatically where you have nothing but a password to decide on.

WYSE recently showed us some upcoming features that will improve upon PocketCloud’s already great remote desktop.  Those features include:

  • The upcoming ability to have your Android tablet storage automatically mounted to your windows PC as a network drive when you remotely connect. This allows you to transfer content without the use of a third party cloud service.
  • The ability to stream your music and videos on Android devices, with conversion to mobile friendly formats on the fly.
  • The ability to remotely print from your Android device on any printer connected to your computer.
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support on Android Tablets. This will bring a full computer experience to PocketCloud.

Source: WYSE/PC World

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