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WHOA Another Contest: Win Your Choice Of An Android On Verizon Wireless 4G/LTE For Watching TV

TheDroidGuy and Bitbop have teamed up for another awesome contest, this time the prize is your choice of a Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Thunderbolt or LG Revolution.  Why because all of these devices come with Bit Bop preloaded.

On Friday June 17h, June 24th and July 1 we’re going to pick a winner for a brand new 4G/LTE Android device on Verizon Wireless! Each winner can decide which of the three phones you want. If all three winners want the same phone, no problem!

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What is Bit Bop? Bit Bop is an awesome way to watch tv on demand on your phone. Bit Bop is available on Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, but for this contest we’re just talking about Android. Bit Bop has content partnerships with major networks and your favorite cable networks so your favorite programs are just a click away.

Take a look at Bit Bop’s website here to learn more

Ok so this is all you have to do to enter…

– go to the Android Market
– Download Bitbop’s free trial you can watch up to three programs totally free.
– Take a screen shot, or picture of your phone showing either the market page for bitbop or which program you picked
– Tweet the photo with the message

” I follow @bitbop and @thedroidguy & I want to win a Verizon 4G/LTE #Android device ”

– The tweet must be linked to a photo
– you can tweet as often as you’d like the more tweets the better your chance at winning. *NOTE THOUGH THAT ON FRIDAY NIGHTS THE SHORTLINK IN THE TWEET WILL CHANGE.
– You can tweet the same photo as well but the tweet MUST have a photo.
– in the event your device is not compatible for some reason take the screen shot or photo of the Bit Bop website

How long is the contest: It goes from Friday June 10th Friday July 1st (a winner will be chosen every Friday evening)

How many winners will there be:  There will be 3 different winners ,once you win you can not win again

I don’t understand the prize:  The prize is your choice of a Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, or LG Revolution.

How many prizes are there: There are 3 prizes total but they are winners choice so if all three different winners want the same phone that’s fine

What if my twitter account gets suspended for excessive tweeting: That’s on you but as long as we’ve been on twitter you only get suspended for spamming if reported, so try not to upset your followers

Why a picture: Well of course the purpose of this contest is to educate people about Bit Bop. But after all the prize pigs in our past few big contests the picture allows for us to know at least your actively participating.

When will I get my prize: Prize fulfillment will be done by Bit Bop. Your prize will ship within 2 weeks of winning.

What if I don’t have Verizon? sign up, gift the device to a friend or family member with Verizon. But it’s yours to keep.

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