Who Is Tapjoy and What Do They Do?

Have you ever played a game on your mobile device like Contract Killer or Tap Fish and were in need of more “credits?” Sometimes you could earn them by completing a mission or just waiting till the next day. But what if you couldn’t? What if you were willing to actually pay for in-game credits to improve your score? Recently, Google allowed in-app payments for Android that gave a gamer the chance to buy a gun, more money, or anything that increased their odds of winning. Honestly, I found myself doing this with Glu’s Contract Killer. But who facilitates this process? Tapjoy does.

Tapjoy is a San Francisco based company that has a game plan that is threefold. They offer more credits/points/items to the user, advertise other games/products, and give developers an easy stream of revenue. One of the websites you’ve seen their work is Facebook but most of the focus is on mobile devices on Android and iOS.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a meet and greet at the luxurious Ducca Lounge in San Francisco. There I met developers from companies like Glu, Zynga and MTV Social Games. When asked if Tapjoy’s service helped their companies’ app revenues the vote was unanimous. Yes. A game tester Duff from Glu said, “Even if an app is free, the gamer is still a buyer and he/she will pay for something of value within the game.” And I have to agree. If the game cost $9.99 one time, that’s it. But Tapjoy offers residual income. I also had the chance to speak with the company’s CEO Mihir Shah. Mr. Shah was humbled by the turn out at Ducca and put the company’s success in his team.

Tapjoy definitely helps the mobile economy with their services. You have to remember even though an app was free to download, it wasn’t free to make. Help them out. But if you can get something back in return, why not? Even my wife was pondering the idea of purchasing credits to buy more fish in the game Tap Fish. With the overwhelming success of Android worldwide and the continuous growth of the Android Market, Tapjoy will continue to flourish allowing users to increase in skills and developers increase in income.

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