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Walmart Ad Leaks With HTC Sensation For $148.88 Some Customers Buying Early got their hands on a pic of an upcoming Walmart circular featuring the ever so popular HTC Sensation 4G for the low low price of just $148.88 with a new 2 year contract.  It was reported earlier this month that the HTC Sensation 4G would begin selling at Walmart on June 12th and then at T-Mobile stores on June 15th.

The HTC Sensation is the first dual core Android phone by HTC and it’s also optimized for HSPA+ 42 on T-Mobile.

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Tmonews is reporting that not only is the HTC Sensation 4G marked at $148.88, some stores have even started selling them to customers at that price.  Tmonews was able to get a hold of a pic of the phone, obviously being displayed by a WalMart employee, and the receipt after purchase for $148.88.

There seem to be another dozen or so folks on XDA who were able to pick up their HTC Sensation 4G’s at their local Walmart as well.

Source: Android Community, Tmonews, XDA

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