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Vizio Tablet Lurks Closer, Scobleizer Gets The Scoop On Pricing

Robert Scoble, better known to the world as the @scobleizer tweeted earlier today:

Thanks to @VIZIOtv for showing me Vizio HQ. Now i understand how Android tablets will get marketshare. $350 FTW!

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Vizio announced to the world right before CES in January that they were entering the Android space with both an Android phone and an Android tablet. All we learned back in January was that the tablet would sport an 8″ screen, HDMI output, dual cameras and a three speaker system, building on the heritage of Vizio’s current audio visual business.  Both Vizio devices are supposed to support Via Plus a proprietary service that will give device owners access to the ever popular Netflix.

Back on May 17th we reported that the Vizio tablet cleared the FCC

Monday, Brent reported that NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin was given some free TVs and a sneak peak at the upcoming Android tablet.

Today Rob Scoble received word from Vizio at their headquarters no-less, that the Vizio Android tablet pricing would be $350.  There’s no word on the availability of the tablet or what other features are included.  It would be great to see this tablet come out at $350 with full Google apps and access to the market.

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