Viewdle Brings Game Changing Game To Android

Wow there’s those words “Game Changing”, and this time we’re talking about a game so it’s got to be good right?

The folks at Viewdle have released a new vampire game to the Android market called Third Eye. So what makes a vampire game so earth shattering and game changing? It’s the way that Viewdle is integrating it’s device based facial recognition to gaming.

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In Third Eye, players scan other peoples faces. Viewdle’s facial recognition technology checks to see if the person you scanned is a vampire or a slayer by using their face print.  If you’re on opposing sides, using game play you take the other persons energy. If you’re on the same side your safe.

Marisol MacGregor, Viewdle’s head of product management said: Viewdle’s computer vision technology brings real people into a beautifully stylized mobile game, determining player roles and gameplay mechanics in the game, based on people’s face composition. ‘Third Eye’ demonstrates yet another innovative and engaging use of our bleeding-edge visual analysis technology to consumers.”

Now suppose  you just arrived at the shopping mall or some other high traffic pubic place, and  you meet someone who already plays Viewdle’s Third Eye.   Now suppose you and your phone have never scanned this person, but they are playing Third Eye and they are a vampire, when you scan that person, it’s going to use it’s Third Eye facial recognition data base and it will tell you whether they are a vampire or a human.  So once a person is scanned they  keep their status as a vampire or a slayer.

This makes Third Eye part augmented reality and part facial recognition.  Now a few weeks ago at D9 Eric Schmidt almost made facial recognition sound evil.  As Viewdle’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Mitura, explained to Thedroidguy, the facial recognition software they use is device based verse server based which is decades old technology. Server based technology is what companies like offer.  Server based facial recognition technology is not as privacy safe as device based.

Third Eye is part of a three part trilogy. First you’re going to identify those friends and enemies, take their energy and become a better player. Down the line they are going to introduce aspects of the game that include pitting one clan against another.  However we could tell by Mitura’s excitement that this isn’t just about vampires.

“In April, we launched SocialCamera, a new app that turns your mobile phone camera into a real-time
messaging application, and today we launch the ThirdEye, the first mobile game built around computer
vision,” said Jason Mitura, chief product officer at Viewdle. “As this platform evolves, what’s coming up
is even more exciting, and we’ll start opening up SDKs for the developer community that allow them to
build viewdle’s leading technology into their own applications”

We are in the process of gathering some really exciting news about Viewdle and the developer community and hope to release it within the next day or two.

source: Viewdle

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