VIDEO: Quick Look: Pantech Crossover Android Device On AT&T

Pantech, synonymous with messaging and feature phones has taken their time and entered the Android space with what we consider a great mid-range phone.

How does one get a great mid-range phone, well let’s start with price. The AT&T Pantech Crossover will cost just $69,99 on a new two year agreement starting Sunday June 5th.

Next add in a little Android (but not too much). The Pantech Crossover features Android 2.2. Of course Froyo doesn’t make a phone mid-range I mean we wouldn’t call Droid X2 a mid-range phone and it comes with Froyo.

More including video, after the break

The next place where Pantech makes the mid-range Android great is the 1ghz processor.  Last year a 1ghz processor would have been a superphone.  The camera is a 3.0 megapixel camera and it’s only on the back.  It also features a slide out, and backlit, qwerty keyboard.

The Pantech Crossover has a cool geometric looking form factor and one thing we really liked was the user customizable (and easy at that) function button on the upper left hand corner opposite the power/sleep button.  This button is really nifty if you press it it has a big green button to add tasks assigned to it. From there you pick what app or apps, you want that button to launch. It lets you set as many as you’d like. For the purposes of the video we chose Gmail, Camera and Web. Check it out in the video.

All in all if you are looking for an easy to use Android with a slide-out keyboard, this is definitely worth a look. But, if you know someone on the fence between feature/messaging phone and smartphone this is definitely the Crossover they need.

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