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Use Google Goggles To Get Free Stuff In HTC Sensation Advertising

You may have heard of Donnie Deutsch and Deutsch advertising, well Deutsch LA has teamed up with Google and HTC for something way cool.

The HTC Sensation 4G advertising campaign has been optimized for Google Goggles. Simply take out your Android phone and scan the HTC Sensation print ads, billboards and tv commercials to unlock up to 60 treats that HTC, Google and Deutsch have put into the ad.

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For example, one of the HTC outdoor ads (billboards, newspaper machine ads, busbacks etc) reads “You want a phone that helps you discover openers before they become headliners”, when you scan that ad with Google Goggles you it unlocks a song from the Indie rock group Hooray For Earth.

When you scan part of the TV spot (near the end) you get a download for a street mural and a track and video by Maria Aragon.  The HTC campaign also features a new FunnyorDie episode created just for the campaign.  These are just a few examples of the 60 pieces of Goggles content in the ad.

“We’re not just piling more product messaging on the consumer but giving them access to things they’re interested in,” says Jon Maron HTC’s VP Marketing, Americas told Fast Company, “The campaign is backed with over 60 unique pieces of content that can be unlocked and shared by consumers on Twitter or Facebook.”

This example of Google Goggles implementation brings a whole new level of targeted engagement to advertising. Not only do you see a great billboard, busback, or tv ad but you can actually do something and interact with the ad in a way that you’d be able to with an Android device or an HTC Sensation 4G for that matter.

Deutsch expects to do more creative things with Google Goggles. Both HTC and Deutsch basically said that Google Goggles is way more active then just throwing up a QR code.

Want to try it? It works with any piece of advertising for the HTC Sensation whether it’s in a magazine, on a building in New York City or on the TV, just scan it with Google Goggles.  There are 60 easter eggs in the ads.

If this isn’t quietly brilliant I don’t know what is…

source: Fast Company

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