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Twitter Introduces Their Very Own Photo Sharing Service (with help from photobucket)

Twitter announced their plans to begin rolling out their new photo sharing service to help it make it easier than ever before to share those precious moments.

According to their blog, over the next several weeks the have plans to release a feature that allows users to upload and attach pictures straight to their tweets. They also announced plans to include their feature across official mobile applications that way no matter where you might be you can still tweet with pics to your hearts content.

For those that are still living in the non-smartphone world, Twitter has not left you out in this deal either. They are working hard with mobile carriers throughout the world to bring you the ability to send your photos via MMS. That way you also can share what is special to you.

Twitter and Photobucket partnered together to be able to bring us this feature and we look forward to being able to use it, as I am sure many of you are. Below you can watch their YouTube Video showing off this lovely new service.


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