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Toshiba enters Android tablet market with the Thrive

Toshiba, more well known for there TV’s and computers are about to hit the tablet market with the Thrive. The Thrive will come in at 10.1 inches for a screen, weigh 1.6 pounds and be .6 inches thick. Front-facing 2.1-megapixel camera and 5-megapixel rear-facing camera for photos and video conferencing, a gyroscope, rotation lock, and a 7- to 8-hour battery life (that’s continuous hours of playing HD video) The added size is for functionalities such as built in HDMI-out, USB, Micro USB and a SD Card slot. Most of those we’ve seen however the addition of the USB seems to hint that you’ll be able to hook up a mass storage hard drive to pull videos, music and files from.

The Thrive will come in three sizes: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. All are Wi-Fi only, and will be priced at $429, $479, and $579 a piece and ship with Android 3.1. As well Toshiba will sell different colored backing for $19.99 each, my favorite is that neon green one.

What this also means, is that Toshiba will also be releasing the first tablet that has a removable battery, something that no one else has. Besides that added feature they are also including Log Me which makes it so you can use your tablet to control your home computer at no added charge, which applications like that are regularly $14.99 and up in the market.

Preorders for this starts on June 13th and begin to be in stores July 10th.

The site used to be live but has been taken down quickly, hopefully it’ll be up again soon.

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