Top RIM Marketer, Brian Wallace, Leaves For Greener Pastures At Samsung Mobile

RIM's Brian Wallace Speaks at Ad Age's Digital Conference in 201 photo: Ad Age, Gary He

This one is ripped right from the headlines. The writing on the wall has been clear over the last year or so.  Samsung is the dominant mobile phone maker in North America and RIM, not so much.

Brian Wallace, who was RIM’s top digital marketer and with the Waterloo Canada based company for over a decade is leaving for Samsung Mobile’s Dallas office where he will be the Vice President of Strategic Marketing working hand in hand with one of our favorite mobile exec’s Kim Titus.

Samsung has steadily risen to the top of their game releasing a new device every “about every 6 days” Titus told us in New York earlier this month.

This departure comes on the heels of a really bad quarterly earnings call for the once dominant RIM who produces the Blackberry devices and OS.

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Wallace steered RIM through most of the 90’s which was RIM’s big success decade.  Back when only email, light browsing and document editing mattered RIM and Blackberry were the clear front runners in the smartphone arena. Of course that all changed in 2007 with the release of Apple’s iPhone and the formation of the Open Handset Alliance, then Android and then the G1.

Month after month and quarter after quarter in the last 18 months we’ve seen Apple and Google’s Android operating system eating away at more and more of RIM’s enterprise business which has been the cornerstone of their growth.

Samsung is on fire right now with the launch of the first of two new Galaxy Tab’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the current most anticipated phone in the world headed to the United States, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Wallace comes on board at Samsung Mobile’s corporate office in the wake of the departure of Eric Villines who supervised the Samsung Mobile account at their outside PR Firm, MWW.  Villines left MWW and the Samsung account for the top in house marketing position with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 group.

source: Ad Age via Boy Genius Report

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  1. This really isn’t that big of a loss for RIM.  After working with him at RIM for numerous years, I don’t think there are really going to be that many people at RIM today worried about this ‘loss’.

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