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Thunderbolt Update Coming, And Bringing Its Friend Gingerbread To Play Too

Thunderbolt users have had to deal with a lot of strife, even before they owned their Thunderbolt waiting for its release. First it was the long awaited launch, then we had some serious 3G/4G handoff issues making battery even worse and the network went down halting sales of 4G devices. And how can I forget those dreaded reboots. Right when you’re about to send that text or finish reading that article: BOOM. No more Thunderbolt and we get to watch those blue clouds during a 3 minute reboot. All of these reasons are why I have become fed up with Verizon and rooted, but that’s another story. Our friends over at Android And Me snagged a screenshot of a new update briefing with several exciting things on the list.

Not only are we getting a radio fix which should take care of those pesky reboots, but Android 2.3.4 is on board as well. This means that Talk with video will be included as well making the Thunderbolt a part of an exclusive bunch of phones. Skype with video, better aGPS functionality, and if that wasn’t enough they took the time to pre-install Amazon App Store for us. Maybe Verizon feels like they should make it up to us Thunderbolt users for all of the problems we have had to deal with over the months…or this may just be a “timely update”. Either way it should be coming and that’s exciting news no matter the reason. June 30th is the rumored date for the update, but do we ever actually get updates when we’re supposed to? Not to mention Verizon hasn’t made an official statement so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Stay tuned to for more updates on this update, no pun intended.

Source: Android And Me

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