The Lego Master Builder Program (CE Week NY)

Warning this has absolutely nothing to do with Android so if that’s going to upset you for some crazy unknown reason stop reading…

Every geek loves Lego’s right? And while we all wish we had the Lego sets coming out now as a kid, at least many of us can live vicariously through our kids. That’s why $99 for a Lego program is going to be no big deal.

The Lego Master Builder Program is a new subscription based program from Lego designed for more experience Lego builders aged 8 and up.  The projects in the Master Builder program are a little harder and more intuitive than other sets.

The Lego Master Builder Program is a subscription based service. You can sign up completely online and have all 6 sets mailed to you (one every 2 months for a year) or you can go to your local Lego store and get the first set for $99 and the other five in the mail for more instant geeky gratification.

Master Builders get a more advanced project set along with a thick, book filled with project ideas, instructions, tips and the information you need to know to design your own Lego project.  Once you sign up online you’ll find a community where you can share pictures of projects and progress.

So if you’re a Lego fan or your kids are, this is a really good deal.  The sets that come in the Lego Master Builder Program are about the size of Lego sets that retail for $45-55 dollars in the Lego store or Toys R Us, so not only do you get access to the program, you’re saving some money too.