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T-Mobile Returning G2 Warranty Fixes With Gingerbread In Tow

Our good friend David at Tmonews is reporting that T-Mobile G2’s that have recently been sent in for warranty repairs are coming back to customers with Gingerbread already on it.  It doesn’t seem to be just one case either there are other G2 owners over at XDA who are reporting the same thing. One returned his G2 for camera problems and got his G2 back with the camera fixed and an upgrade.  Of course the folks at XDA are trying to Root and pull this build out as quick as they can.

What’s really interesting though as it has been widely reported over the last couple of days that T-Mobile is EOL (End of lifing) the HTC built T-Mobile G2.  The G2 was the follow up to the G1, the original Android phone. It came out in October of 2010 so it’s just about 8 months old.  Although not a “Nexus” phone, many Android fans flocked to the G2 because with it’s cool hinge and qwerty keyboard, plus the name, it was the natural follow up.

Have you returned a G2 for warranty repair and received an extra “holiday” treat?

source: Tmonews, XDA

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