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T-Mobile Offering Free Data ($120 Service Credit) For Father’s Day

If you remember back to last year on Father’s Day, T-Mobile USA offered free phones for dads. It wasn’t just a couple of models here and there, it was virtually every phone, was free.  They did the free phones thing again over Valentine’s day.  Despite having to use a mail in rebate, it was a really great promotion.

How do you follow that up?  This year T-Mobile is giving away free data for a year to help drive smartphone sales. We already know that T-Mobile has a great line up of smartphones including the HTC Sensation 4G, the MyTouch 4G and the LG GX2 just to name a few.  They are also stretching the promotion to include mobile broadband devices like USB Jet Sticks and Mi-Fi’s as well as some of their tablet line up like the G-Slate.

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John Clelland, Senior Vice President of Marketing at T-Mobile USA said “With our already affordable unlimited plans, and an exceptional lineup of 4G devices, families will see savings for a year when they step up to a richer mobile data experience.”

The free data is the 200mb data plan, however if you’re like most of the consumers in America you will probably eat that data pretty quickly. That’s why if you choose another data plan T-Mobile will give you a $10 service credit on your bill each month. So if you choose to get a higher data plan (which you probably should) you still see a substantial savings.

Of course you also need to purchase a new smartphone or mobile broadband device on a new 2 year contract or re-up your contract if you’re an existing customer.

After such great holiday promotions in the past we aren’t sure if $120 data credit will move the customers into the stores that they want to see.  Ever since the merger announcement in March every T-Mobile store we’ve been into has been a lot slower.

*** A word on T-Mobile***

Please don’t worry about the pending merger between AT&T and T-Mobile as you consider your Father’s Day phone purchase.  Should the merger get approved T-Mobile customers will be grandfathered into the terms of their T-Mobile contract (including this free data promotion) when they are ported over to AT&T.  After two  years you have the choice to stay with AT&T or look for other service.

Source: FierceWireless/Tmobile

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