T-Mobile Dealers Voicing Their Concerns Over The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

With AT&T’s potential acquisition of T-Mobile USA , dealers for T-Mobile are starting to have serious concerns about roaming and partnerships when and if the deal goes through. In a recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission, Iowa Wireless Services which is owned by over 50 percent by T-Mobile stated their case regarding this potential merger. Simple put they do not trust AT&T as far as regarding the effects of the merger on their busisness.

“Iowa Wireless has not been able to obtain any information regarding how—if at all—AT&T will incorporate Iowa Wireless into its long-term plans, nor has Iowa Wireless been able to determine what impact, if any, the transaction will have on Iowa Wireless’s rural customers with respect to continued network access at reasonable rates,” the company writes.

This problem does not stem from a lack of communication between AT&T and Iowa Wireless, in fact the problem lays in doubts whether or not AT&T will follow through with their word.

“AT&T has recently communicated to Iowa Wireless that AT&T will, consistent with its practice in similar transactions, honor any contractual and legal obligations arising out of the T-Mobile acquisition,” the smaller carrier writes.

Iowa Wireless Services is facing many different concerns regarding this deal between the two companies, especially when it comes to AT&T’s plans to shutdown T-Mobile’s 3G network in the hopes to prepare for LTE. This would in turn, leave Iowa Wireless customers without and basically leave them stranded. According to Iowa Wireless Services, this would actually result in less spectrum and less broadband in rural areas. The company went also stated the fact that rural carriers are not deploying their wireless broadband due to concerns over what AT&T actually plans to do with the T-Mobile spectrum

AT&T has been taking more time to reach out to unions and groups that truthfully have nothing invested in this merger rather than taking the time to take to some of these rural carriers that are having doubts and concerns over this merger. These companies depend on the T-Mobile network to be able to make their livelihood and AT&T is not seeming very concerned with this issue.

Daniel Burke who happens to be a T-Mobile dealer in Boston and sells under the name Custom Wireless Bands, has signed multi-year deals with T-Mobile and was able to easily voice his and many others concerns quite well:

“As a small business owner and operator of one of the largest T-Mobile dealerships in New England, the Acquisition represents the likely demise of a business I have invested considerable time and resources to build over the last 12-plus years,” Burke writes.