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T-Mobile Adds New Cities To Their 4G Coverage

The lovely Magenta has launched 14 new markets for their 4G network. While this news almost scooted by, our friends at TmoNews caught it just in time.

T-Mobile has been continuing to grow their 4G market since last year and has launched quite a few 4G services. These devices include the myTouch 4G, Sidekick 4G, the recently launched G2X, and also the upcoming HTC Sensation along with many more.

Check out below for the 14 new cities that should be experiencing some awesome 4G speeds!

  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Bremerton and Mount Vernon, Washington
  • Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Madera, Oxnard, Riverside and Santa Cruz, California
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Reading and York, Pennsylvania
  • Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts



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  1. I think the first story (about a week and a half ago) was 42mbps but this last one was 21

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