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Star Legends MMORPG Headed For Limited Android Release On Verizon

Our friends over at Droid Gamers scooped this great news for MMORPG lovers.  Spacetime studios will be launching a limited beta release of their MMORPG called, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles,  in the V-Cast, Verizon app store.

There’s no word on why Spacetime chose the Verizon app store for this release however if you’re on another carrier you may actually be in luck. Spacetime is partnering with other game sites and giving out beta keys so you can play Star Legends on Android devices that aren’t on Verizon.

iOS users, aren’t so lucky.  The Apple app store doesn’t permit limited or “beta” releasing so until SpaceTime wants to do a wide-spread final release the iOS community will be left in the dark.

source: DroidGamers

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