Sprint Helping Out Joplin Residents In A Big Way

Many places are reporting that this is the worst tornado season the United States has seen since 1950.  With the tornadoes that rocked through Alabama in April and the one that ripped through Joplin, MO earlier this month people across both tornado alleys have been devastated.

Sprint was quick to help out in both areas by supplying infrastructure help and assessing customer needs alongside Verizon who also helped in both areas.

Sprint has also extended help in the form of breaks on bills for affected residents in Joplin MO zipcodes 64801, 64802, 64803, and 64804.  If you reside in the tornado stricken areas in those zipcodes Sprint is proactively waving late fees, overage charges and roaming fees from May 22- June 22.  This will allow customers in those areas to connect with friends, families and loved ones as much as they need in that month long period without having to worry about extra fees.

From our understanding these fees and charges should be waived without any action however if you live in those affected areas and see these charges on  your bill reach out to Sprint customer service and they will correct it for you. Furthermore if you have special needs relating to your Sprint service in the affected area give the friendly customer service folks at Sprint a call and we’ve been assured they’ll try and help you in any way they can.

Source: Sprint/Twitter

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  1. Great stuff from Sprint – always awesome when big companies actually respond to events with actions rather than words.

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