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Sprint Going To Allow Removal Of Most Pre-Installed Apps On Android Going Forward

When the HTC Evo 3D came out Friday people began to notice a little detail that is very significant.  You can actually uninstall most pre-installed apps, and demos that come on the HTC Evo 3D.

Prior to the release of the HTC Evo 3D on Sprint,  most “bloatware” and pre-installed apps on Android devices on all carriers were locked down to where you had to keep them on the phone. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve used City ID or Sprint’s Nascar app…

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Most Android related websites started reporting this news immediately under the assumption that it was HTC dictating this move. HTC has taken a very Android friendly and developer friendly stance in the past few months.  Mobile Burn wasn’t quite sure though so they put a call into their contacts at Sprint and were pleased to report that this is something Sprint plans to implement on most Android devices going forward.

Sprint obviously wants you to try new things on Android devices from their launch partners but they’re ok with you taking off the SpiderMan game or most any other app that comes pre-installed on your phone but not critical to it’s operation.  The only exception will be Sprint’s Sprint ID service which offers users a collection of themes, icons, and apps pertaining to a certain topic.

As we prepare to go into a 3 national carrier world, Sprint seems to be making all the right moves for Android fans and future users.

Source: MobileBurn via Phandroid

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