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Sprint Asks FCC To Consolidate ATT/T-Mobile Deal With ATT/Flo TV Deal

After a closed door meeting between Sprint and FCC Chairman Michael Copps, Sprint has filed their formal opposition to the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Back in March when AT&T announced their intention to purchase T-Mobile for $39 Billion dollars, it seemed like it would be easy, however that’s not how it’s playing out.

AT&T and T-Mobile have already appeared before Congress twice.  During those meetings Sprint, and Cellular South stated their opposition. Leap Wireless, parent to Cricket Wireless has also voiced their opposition to the merger.

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In a one page letter to FCC Secretary Marlene Dortch, Sprint cites unfair distribution rights, and the fact that a dramatic reduction in competition would drive plan pricing up.

Although most other websites are reporting that the letter to the FCC is strictly against the merger, what it’s real purpose is, is to ask the FCC to consolidate the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and a deal between AT&T and Qualcomm for spectrum (the spectrum from failed Flo TV) into one docket.

AT&T has often stated that the deal between T-Mobile and AT&T is about an increase in spectrum, which is also the same reason that they bought that spectrum from Qualcomm.

While fundamentally it’s two different deals, if AT&T gets this Qualcomm spectrum, when coupled with their current holdings the increase in spectrum from T-Mobile almost becomes a moot point, which of course is why Sprint wants it all heard together.

Source: FCC/FierceWireless

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