Spotify Prepares Multi OS US Launch In July

The Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski recently moderated a panel at a conference for Omnicom’s senior leadership team. Spotify’s General Manager of Europe & Global Vice President of Ad Sales Jonathan Forster was a panelist at this event.

In case you didn’t know Spotify is the world’s largest and most successful music streaming service, however since our record labels in the US are still trapped in the 80’s they haven’t been able to come to terms to unleash the power of Spotify in the US. That is, until now.

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When Foremski asked Forster about the US Forster told Foremski “We’re signing the remaining deals as I speak,” he also said not to expect anything before July 5th. However the way he emphasized July 5, 2011 made it seem as if the launch either is on the 5th of July or very close to it. How appropriate would that be to give people independence with their music the day after independence day.

Spotify will have a US headquarters in New York.  That’s where Spotify’s people have been working diligently with the US record labels over the last year.  It seems that Spotify has an upper hand in dealing with the record labels, perhaps even better than Steve Jobs’ people with iTunes.

Spotify has two models a premium paid for ad-free service and a freemium service supported by ads.  It’s all up to the user and how they want to use the service.

Forster said that Spotify has made sure the US record labels will be happy. This included making sure that moneitzation happened for the record labels quicker than Spotify would actually like.  Spotify is aiming head on for Mog and Rdio and of course the fast growing Slacker Radio.

Spotify already has a reputation amongst US fans who have been writing into them to daily to check on a US launch.

Sources close to the matter told Thedroidguy late Thursday that Spotify would be available to Android at launch.  So if you’ve been waiting for Spotify, wait just a few more weeks, it will be here.

Source: Silicon Valley Watcher

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  1. I would really hope it would be available to Android at launch, there is already an app in the android market (just not the US market)

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