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Soothe An Ear Ache With A Hair Dryer And More With This Android App

Do you remember before the days of Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays? Do you remember the infomercials from Don LaPree <sp>, BluBlocker Sunglasses and Chia Pets? If so then you probably remember the “Soothe an ear ache with a hairdryer” and other home remedies commercial?

Well this new app called MORF brings you that and 1000s of other solutions for everyday problems with everyday items you may already have.  It splits the recommendations up by product or category. Say for instance you have some alka-seltzer lying around and you want to know other things you can do with alka seltzer or a loaf of bread or heck even cat litter.

More on MORF after the break

MORF also sorts things by ailment, headache, bleeding, spilled oil etc. Everything under the sun and more.

One of the unique things about this app is that if you have your own home remedies that you know and haven’t seen in MORF you can add them to MORF and then people can even gift you money in paypal for the help with the remedy.

The app is a paid app though it costs $2.91 (US) in the Android Market and it’s an iOS app as well. The great thing is the shared remedies are across networks and you can register for free once you’ve paid for the app.

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