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Sony Dual Screen S2 Tablet Hits The FCC

Back in February leaks started to point to the fact that Sony was working on an Android tablet. Makes sense right, I mean everyone’s doing it these days, and what better partner than Sony.

Well in April we found out from Sony that they weren’t just working on one tablet they were working on two.  The “S1” and the “S2” were officially announced at a press event in Tokyo on April 26th, but wait there’s more.  Sony’s S1 tablet is the traditional style with all the bells, whistles perks and craftmanship you can only expect from the creator of the walkman.  Sony’s S2 tablet though is a totally new tablet format.  They are trying a clamshell design with dual screens.

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The best part about both of these tablets, they are PlayStation certified.

A few hours ago Engadget uncovered Sony’s FCC filing for the S2 tablet with it’s unique clamshell design.  The FCC filing gave way to some spec details including:

2.4ghz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi

And this little nugget, the S2 comes with 850mhz and 1900mhz 3G bands pointing to an AT&T launch possibly with HSPA+ 21mbps so “4G”.  If this is in fact true than obviously AT&T is getting a way better deal than the 3G only Xperia Play on Verizon.

To keep up with all that hardware Engadget is reporting that the FCC filing shows a user removable  3080mah lithium-ion battery pack.

Even though this clam-shell design may take a little getting used to, are you picking one up?

source: Engadget

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