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So You Fancy Yourself An Android Fan Now?

With over 400,000 activations of Android reported daily we are sure that there are now a lot more Android fans around than there were this time last year. It’s ok, we’re Android fans too!

Whether you like the customization available from the little green robot (who’s real name is BugDroid but everyone calls him Andy), or the availability of different form factors, welcome to the Android Community. We wanted to highlight some of the other sites and things that you can go to as an Android fan. Don’t feel like geek is a bad word or that your love for your phone or tablet is strange. Welcome to the club.

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First off you’re going to need some gear.  Everywhere we go we are known for wearing the genuine Android Beanie from and sold exclusively through offers a full line of clothing, gear and accessories. They carry everything from Android soap to business card holders, to thongs, t-shirts, and even doormats.  Their pricing is actually better than the official Google store. Check them out at here

Now if you want the official Google Swag you need to go here

Accessorize your Android with some great stuff
Our friends at Amzer have a different philosophy than most.  Rather than picking one or two new Android devices and taking a gamble with a $30 case, they make quality cases and take less profit by selling cases between $10-$15 for most styles.  They also carry battery chargers, car chargers, wall chargers, cables, wipes, stands and much more.  Don’t be shocked at the pricing, it’s not dealer pricing it’s customer pricing and you can get to Amzer here

Android Barbecue
The Big Android Barbecue is a community centric two day event happening October 1st and 2nd in Austin Texas. For just $25 you’ll get access to a bunch of great seminar style conferences on Saturday, some fun events Saturday evening and on Sunday you’ll enjoy great barbecue overseen by barbecue Master Chef and host of the AGTNFTW Droidcast, Ray Walters.  The event is in it’s second year and last years was unbelievable.  Your $25 will also get you a commemorative t-shirt.

While at the Barbecue Sunday you’ll get to see some of the latest tablets and phones offered by the OEM’s and carriers. It’s about fellowship, fun and education.  You can even meet the Cyanogen team at the Big Android Barbecue as well as a bunch of members of the XDA forums.  If you’re a noob don’t worry it’s a big family picnic and you’ll really enjoy it. For more information visit here

Android Homecoming
For those of you out west or that first weekend in October doesn’t work with your schedule, there is the Android Homecoming happening September 23-25th in Mountain View California, home to Google (that’s why it’s called the Android Homecoming).

The Android Homecoming is a three day funfrence starting with a party bus and Android arcade on Friday. Saturday features 3 full conference tracks for developers, enthusiasts and teens.  Saturday evening is the Android Homecoming dance (think tradeshow with a dj) and the developer challenge.  Sunday there is the Android Music Symposium, and a huge cookout/poolparty.  All weekend you can rub shoulders with people from the major carriers, OEM’s, app developers, chip makers and much more.

Tickets for the weekend are $18 and the hotel deals are listed on the website so head over to for more information

So You live in Canada?
No problem we got you covered. AndroidTO is a great one day Android Conference and kick ass party in the evening for developers of all levels. AndroidTO is offering conference structure in two tracks technology and enthusiast.  Their after party is second to none and promises special performances.

For more information on this great event click here

Where to listen:

If Android is what you want, then you have some great options.

Radio Android
Android Evangelist Scotty Brown owns the Radio Android network which includes some great programming. Android After Dark is an informal online party for Android enthusiasts.  Scotty and his guest hosts talk Android, shoot from the hip and enjoy a shot or two or seven.  This is a great show and it’s a lot of fun to watch and participate in their chatroom.

The Android Show
The Android Show is more structured and a consolidated latest news and information show.  Scotty has on great guests that discuss the newest hottest Android technology, issues in the ecosystem, apps and much more.

Coding Green Robots
The Coding Green Robots Program is hosted by the Canadian Team of Matthew Patience and Greg Carron who own Mobicartel. The two of them have put some great apps out into the market and offer a newbies look at developing with a focus on projects and how to do different things when developing for Android.  Matt & Greg are all about sharing their knowledge. For more information visit here

Android Guys Thursday Night For The Win is a great show with an awesome set of hosts. First the main host is the Barbecue Master Chef, Ray Walters. Ray is a very animated youth pastor by day and editor at whose love of Android is intoxicating.  Ray is joined by Swag Master Aaron Kasten owner of and co-founder of the Big Android Barbecue.  Aaron is a great host especially when bouncing of Ray.  Benji Hertel “ThedudesAndroid” part of the Cyanogen team adds his funny, comedic, sarcastic attitude and totally insane brain of his to the show.  Stacey Daisy is their in house news girl who gets a little feisty on the show and from time to time her boyfriend Drew joins in for the fun.  This show is every Thursday night at 9pm Central Time and can be found at

And finally, if you don’t get your news fix from Thedroidguy here are some other sites we recommend (NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER)

T-Monews– for all things T-Mobile
Phandroid– They were first on the Android scene and do a heck of a job
Gadget University– For general tech and mobile check these guys out
AndroidSpin– Android Spin features great news with a special focus on Developers
Droid-Life – They break news! They focus mostly on Verizon Droids but if it’s big in Android they’ll have it
Android Central– Part of Smartphone Experts They also have great message boards
BriefMobile- relatively new but great all the same
LaptopMemo- It’s not just about laptops anymore
LaptopMagazine– the best paper magazine to read on a plane, and Thedroidguy writes here too
Boy Genius Report- Our 16 year old App Editors idol is Jon Geller the Boy Genius need to buy or sell an Android this is where to do it

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