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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets USB Host Accessory

Android 3.1 brought all new options for USB Hosting mode which include the use of a mouse, keyboard or storage device.  The trick was getting the USB device connected to your tablet.  There is an adapter that goes micro-USB male to regular USB female which will add a computer like USB port to your tablet. However the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 uses a proprietary 30 pin connector and lacks a micro USB port.

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That’s all fixed now with an accessory from Samsung Mobile. The USB adapter has a 30 pin connection on one side and a regular USB port on the other which makes all those devices a breeze to plug into the tablet. USB host is a game changer in our opinion for a tablet computer.  We can’t wait til CE Week NY when we are going to try off-loading photos from a digital camera via card reader to the tablet for easy uploading to word press.  We’ve tried it already and it works.

The USB adapter costs $19.99 but it’s on back order. A call into Samsung’s PR department yielded an “any minute now” response.

source: Android Police

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