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Samsung Asks ITC To Ban The Import Of Apple Products


We reported late last night that Samsung threw the latest legal punch when it came to the Apple vs Samsung legal battle.  Samsung filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Apple alleging that Apple copied their designs from Samsung products.

It was learned today that Samsung has also filed a complaint with the IDC asking that they ban the import of Apple products.  I know many of you are going to say “Isn’t Apple in the United States?” Well news flash, Apple products are manufactured overseas, in Asia.

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Of course as with any legal dispute these things take time, and its highly unlikely that the International Trade Comission will actually grant Samsung’s request.

Associated Press reporter Kelly Olsen said
“Consumers shouldn’t worry about being able to buy products. These disputes take months or years to resolve and typically end with payments of licensing fees rather than any import ban”

This is just the latest in the Apple vs Samsung legal battle that’s been going on since April.


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